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Self-sustaining Bioluminesent Composter


Research Focused

A system that allows you to utilize compost without creating fertilized soil, functional within a wide range of households, with or without garden space.

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We all want to make a difference to reduce our waste, but sometimes it becomes inconvenient, takes too much effort, and I plain disgusting, especially if we live in an environment that doesn't have a garden or backyard. I wanted to approach this issue from a different perspective, creating a product that does not produce dirt as a byproduct.

Target Users

The target audience were small families who want to compost but do not find having more soil necessary or useful.

Family in the Kitchen

Use Scenario


Carry a bag of compost to the compost shoot.

Question whether something is compostable or not.


Scrub and clean the juice that may have leaked into the bin.

Bend down to put waste into the compost bin or to take them out.


Interviewing Those Who Use a Composter

  • Compost smells bad if we don't take it out right away 

  • Used for food scraps and dog bags

  • Uses compost every day when cooking and after eating

  • Usually cleans with a multipurpose cleaner

  • Uses compostable bags

  • Uses compost every day after a meal

  • Uses compost to reduce the smell of food cause in the garbage

  • Keeps compost at the kitchen sink  

  • Uses compost every day

  • Doesn't like the smell of compost

  • Used when cooking and after dinner

  • Lives with 5 people and fills the 3-gallon bin every other day 

  • Uses compost bags so don't need to clean bin often

Pain Points

  • Smelly

  • Small capacity

  • Need to bend to interact

  • usually, need a backyard

Wish List 

  • Larger capacity 

  • Shorter cycle time

  • Break down fibrous food better

  • Prevent compost from sticking to the bottom 

  • Can grow herbs

  • User-friendly

  • Quiet

  • Counter height

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BioLeaf Composter.001.jpeg
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