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Walk with Confidence.

Sabrina Nassar

Wearable Consumer Electronic

Stride is a navigation device that uses vibration to direct the user to the safest route. Intended to encourage the user to walk with confidence without the need to look at your phone for directions. 


Stride is a system inspired to combat street harassment and the fears that come with walking during times when you may feel vulnerable. This system also provides a platform to voice and report street harassment in real-time with geolocation.

Nearly half of all women, 45%, say that they do not feel safe walking alone at night, compared with 27% of men.

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An emergency button that tagged geolocation and notifies your friend nearest you to help. If a friend is unable to answer it will automatically call the police. 

The EEOC estimates that approximately 87-94% of street harassment incidents are never formally filed as complaints.

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Clip respective node to the corresponding side of your person. Somewhere where you can feel the vibration clearly.

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Report Street Harassment! An easy and convenient way to voice street harassment whether it is whistling or Following.


Know where your friends are so you can see who is nearby to help out.


Tag your favorite locations to get the safest route to your location in an instant.


Explore Destinations in your area and compare the previous reports from other users to select a location to visit.


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I am a passionate designer born and raised on Maui. I am obsessed with robotics, technology, design, and making. Through design, I enjoy the contrast between geometric and organic forms. I love the natural imperfections of nature and try to replicate this in my designs by letting the material do what it wants to do. I prefer to approach my work with a an openness and sense of humor.

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